Diet Wars: 26 Reasons Why We Shouldn’t “Diet”

How we Rationalize our Eating Habits…

We’ve all been there at some point in our life. We start a diet, we’re in the middle of a diet, we‘re in search of a new diet, and we somehow find a way to rationalize our eating habits.

1. I’ll start tomorrow.

2. I just bought all this food, I can’t just let it go to waste; I’ll start tomorrow.

3. I didn’t gain weight from eating that ENTIRE bag of chips last night, and they were really good, so I can probably just eat this bag of chips too…yea, I’ll just start tomorrow.

4.  Beyonce’ was on this all liquid diet and lost like 20 pounds, I’m going to look into starting that sometime in the next few days.

5. It’s freezing outside, I don’t really shave my legs that much in the winter so there’s no real point to staying in shape, besides I can always just start tomorrow. Or next week…

6. That was my cheat meal. I’m entitled to at least one cheat meal per week. I’m on the right track. Tomorrow I’ll get real though.

7. Yesterday was my cheat meal, but that was what I wanted yesterday, not today. So, I can just eat this now and start tomorrow.

8. I’m not going to lose any weight overnight; I might as well wait until next week. Yea, I’ll start at the beginning of next week.

9. Carbohydrates give me lots of energy, I want to lift really heavy in the gym…I’m bulking. I’ll just start next week.

10. I haven’t had any carbs all week, I think I’m fine to eat whatever I want now.

11.The scale tells me I lost a couple of pounds in the past couple of days, I can splurge now. Besides, I’ll just start tomorrow.

12.  I have to go out to eat with my friend, it’s her birthday, I’ll probably have a couple of drinks too…I can just start next week because tomorrow I’ll just have a hangover…

13.  It’s the holidays. I’ll start when they’re over.

14.  I’ve been drinking lots of water and taking a fat loss supplement, I can eat whatever the hell I want. See. I don’t need to actually “diet”.

15.  I’ve been restricting sugar by not eating lots of fruit…I can have these cookies, and a few drinks. Besides, what the hell am I dieting for anyway?

16. I’ve been eating weight watcher frozen meals, and doing lots of cardio, but I still can’t seem to lose this extra fat on my stomach. I give up.

17.  I can eat whatever I want as long as I go to the gym for at least 2-3 hours to do lots of cardio. Screw the diet. What diet?

18.  I’ve been dieting for weeks now and don’t see the results that I’m looking for…I give up. Screw the diet.

19.  The people on the Biggest Loser lose like 20 pounds per week, why can’t I? I give up. Screw the diet. Screw the gym.

20.  The people around me aren’t very supportive of my “diet” they said I’m losing too much weight. They don’t approve. I give up. No diet for me.

21.  Yeah, I’m down to like 900 calories per day, and I can’t seem to lose any more weight. And I have no energy. I give up. No more dieting. Maybe I’ll only eat 1000 calories instead. I’ll let you know how I feel in about a week. Or maybe never…

22.  I’m too busy, I don’t have time to diet. Besides, I only eat once or twice a day anyway. That pizza really isn’t going to kill me.

23.  I can eat this cake, I just won’t eat for the next few days. Ha Ha.

24.  Ihop is running their “all you can eat pancakes” special, I can’t pass that up. “Stack after Stack…”

25.  I also have a coupon for Mcdonald’s…

26.  I can just start tomorrow. No. Really.

This is why I believe it shouldn’t be a “Diet”; it should simply be a “Lifestyle”


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      I’ve never heard of her, but I don’t think fasting would be for me, I love to eat too much. Not to mention, I think I’d lose a lot of friends and family because I get really, really, crazy grouchy when I don’t eat…lol

  1. says

    Great article! I’m enjoying your posts.

    Have you ever read research by Brian Wansink? He wrote a fun little booked titled, ‘Mindless Eating’. Quite an interesting approach to making healthy, LIFELONG changes. It’s all about changing the environment, not your eating habits.

    @awordofsubstance – research has shown intermittent is effective as a weight loss strategy, improves insulin sensitivity and much more. This article by Monica Reinagel – the Nutrition Diva – covers the topic. She’s an excellent resource for nutritional advice.

    Obviously, hype is built around new “fads” often, so precaution is a must. In my experience, fasting was not a problem and I did reduce caloric intake (as much as I tried not to). I started by moving breakfast a little later and dinner a bit earlier every couple weeks. I know a guy who did a full day off the starting blocks… bad decision. He was quite hangry. I believe I didn’t get that because I started off slow.

    Now, I do it a few times a week for ~15 hours. Easy peasy.

    • says

      I do agree that a slow approach would work best, or else you’d end up most likely binging. I have experience with two fitness competitions whereas the first show I dieted down very rapidly with lots of cardio etc. (not good) and post show, I found myself binging and eating foods that I hadn’t even wanted before I started to cut calories. The second show I did, I gave myself more time to get lean, sparing a lot more muscle tissue, and didn’t have any cravings at all; I adjusted rather well, however, I still felt like I wanted to just go out and binge. I think with intermittent fasting as well as any type of diet limiting calories will leave you feeling hungry at first, but eventually if you fight through it, you can ultimately do it and lose that “hungry feeling”. Basically, after fasting, your body temperature increases due to the increase in calories (speeds up metabolism) as well as insulin sensitivity increases. But like I said, there’s that risk of binging. 🙂

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