Losing Your MoJo

I’d much rather hibernate and never leave the house during these cold winter days. And even though it gets dark earlier, it feels like the day is a lot longer. Probably because it’s just so cold, I can’t wait for it to warm up again. This makes finding motivation to go to the gym somewhat difficult. I admire the runners I pass by on the street while in my nice warm car; they seem to find the motivation to run outside no matter what the temperature is; and I wish I could just grab some of it as I pass by them. Maybe just get a small sample of their motivation; find out what exactly their secret truly is. Until then, I will wage a war inside of my head, debating whether or not I should go to the gym and trying to come up with reasons why it would be okay to NOT go to the gym. Fortunately, by the time I get done with my long list of rationalizations, I am ready to walk out the door sports bra, workout pants and my furry winter boots, but the entire time I am driving to the gym, I have my hands on the steering wheel ready to turn around and go back home

Some of the rationalizations I come up with are as follows:

I worked out yesterday, I need a break

I can just go to the gym tomorrow

It’s not going to hurt if I miss one day (which sometimes gets repeated the following day and so on)

I could use the rest, and besides the gym isn’t going anywhere

It’s way too cold outside and by the time I get to the gym, change my shoes etc, I won’t have enough time to workout anyway (even though the gym closes 2 hours after I usually get there)

Blame-shifting: My husband won’t want to workout tonight, he’s had a long day…

I have a lot of other things that need to be done (but then I sit home and watch tv or spend time on facebook) 

I’m tired (I stays home, but don’t t fall asleep until 5 am due to insomnia)

I can do a workout at home (never do workout)

I haven’t seen my kids all day long (stay home and my kids stay in their rooms reading)

I ate like crap today, so what’s the point (except there is always a point!!!)


I go through these motions in my head every single day, but I know that they are just excuses/rationalizations, and I know that I will feel better if I just go to the gym, do a workout and then go home.  

So you see, you’re not alone. Everyone has off days; days where they don’t feel like working out or getting dressed to go outside in the freezing cold; it’s not going to hurt if you miss one workout or even a week, the important thing to remember is to make sure you make a promise to get back into a regular exercise routine and keep it. Don’t just keep putting it off; there is always going to be things that set you back such as, lack of energy, motivation, or you just simply need a break. And that’s okay. Listen to your body, just don’t forget about it forever.

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