Quick Fit Tip: Drink Water; Pee All Day Long

Fit tip

Seriously, is there a spot open in the Guiness Book of World Records for someone who pees the most in one day? 

Okay, okay, so I’m exaggerating…

Okay, No. I’m Not.

Not saying that there is anything wrong with some one on one bonding time with the Porcelain Goddess herself….

Drinking a lot of water can become tedious and mundane for most. I can’t help but automatically envision myself running to the bathroom more times than there are commercials in between shows! I have a DVR so I get to pause it if I have to escape to the bathroom…and that’s a lot of pausing.  I’m kind of like the dog in Pavlov’s experiment, I drink so much water that now when I even see, think, hear, water or even a glass, I have to rush to the bathroom. And I pee so much that I often don’t even bother turning the light on in the bathroom when I’m home. I’ve become a pro. But drinking water needs to be done.  However, I’m going to spare you the details on the benefits of drinking water everyday.  

To prevent getting a stomachache, try not to chug water, instead drink it gradually throughout the day. I find the easiest time to drink water is first thing when I wake up before I eat anything. Sometimes, I wake up feeling hungry, but as soon as I drink water (sip not chug), the hunger pains go away. Also, drinking water before a meal or a snack can prevent you from overeating. And of course, we can’t all be perfect and we may indulge in some higher than normal sodium foods, find it hard to eat all the “right” things, drink too much caffeine; coffee, tea, soda, etc. or even if you’re following a high protein diet, you’re putting additional and unnecessary stress on your body if you skip the water.

 Helpful tips for “getting it in” (Yes, I just went there. I went all the way back to Jersey Shore) For those of you who don’t get the reference; consider yourself lucky.

 Include about an eight ounce glass of water before you even begin to eat a meal, perspire, and for every cup of coffee /tea you put down the good ol’ watering hole. As coffee and tea work more as a diuretic than an adequate source of hydration, it’d probably be a good idea to plan on drinking extra water to keep your body in hydration mode. (Or maybe more to give a nice fine swish to keep the mouth a bit clean too. It’s just an idea. )

 The next time you go out to eat, ask for a glass of water in addition to whatever else you order to drink. (I feel bad for the server when I tell them all I want is water,

Me:  “Water..oh and a lemon too please” [eyes darting away in the other direction]

Server doesn’t even really seem to mind though but then there’s me again: [of course this time saying inside my head] “You can charge for the lemon?”


 Eat fruits and veggies; they contain water too!

 Try to be mindful of how much water you’re drinking. To do this, you can purchase a water bottle; you can find most that hold 24 oz or more and make it a point to refill. (It’s the little things…)

 The normal recommendation is at least 8 ounces per day, but I prefer to use the method of dividing half my body weight and drinking that amount of water and then some. I tend to be a water hog. (Or a water buffalo?) Hehe.

Try to taper your water intake the closer it gets to bedtime to prevent you from turning the bathroom into a place to sleep.

  And of course, feel free to add some flavor to your water! You can use just about any sugar free/low sugar drink flavors.


 Workouts are less effective (and even if you don’t exercise, your overall day will be less effective)

Coffee may make your day more productive, but it also dehydrates you at the same time. (I know this is debated, however, I find it to be true because I have to run to the bathroom even more than if I just stick to water)

Water hydrates your entire body; muscles, skin, organs etc. Without it, you’ll start to look more like last week’s coffee grounds.

Your body has to work harder, which overall means your day is that much more exhausting.

You shower in water to clean the outside, why not drink water to clean the inside?  Come on! Give your insides a bath!

 Think about it.

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