It’s Not Chocolate, But….

There are so many brands that have “dressed up” their almonds by adding some flavor to them, but so far, I have failed to find one brand that doesn’t sneak in some added sugar, preservatives etc., until today. Literally, when I saw these at the store, my heart felt like it was going to jump right out onto the floor. I was going to walk away; turn my back on these suckers, but they peaked my interest. Not to mention, I could already feel my taste buds dancing on my tongue, and part of me just wanted to scoop them up, not worry about the ingredients, pay for them and scurry out of the store as though I was holding a delicious bag of assorted candies with denial leading the way… you know, be somewhat “normal” for a change? I just wanted to eat them, I mean, I’m sure I could come up with a few rationalizations… I was so excited to see that this brand actually lived up to it’s packaging label that I bought two different flavors. There were two other flavors, lemon and orange ginger, but those aren’t my thing so they got left behind in my dust.

"Tear here for more happiness and joy..." Source: packaging label

“Tear here for more happiness and joy…” Source: packaging label

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