Are you Struggling to Eat Healthy?

Sticking to a healthy diet doesn’t mean that you have to skip social hours.  It doesn’t mean lock your goodies up, lock yourself into solitary confinement and throw away the key. You don’t always have to have maximum security guarding you from the daily temptations that you may encounter.  Admittedly, it will take some time to adjust and adapt, but once you start eliminating processed foods, and incorporating more healthy, clean food into your meals, it will be like jumping out of an airplane. You’re afraid at first, but your parachute will open; it always opens.

Okay, so I’ve never actually jumped out of an airplane before, but making the leap to eat healthy, can feel like you’re taking a huge gamble with your life in general. What if I fail? What if I can’t do it? What if I don’t lose any weight? I’ve already tried everything…”  Well, you’ve never tried to just,

Have faith. Even if you give it one solid day, you did it. You took the risk.  

Now imagine if you could give it one more day…


 Maybe it sounds silly to compare it to jumping out of an airplane; having faith that the parachute on your back will open up, spreading its wings for you to soar through the air, breathing the fresh air into your lungs, getting the adrenaline pumping…  

Don’t you want to just feel that freedom?

 Seriously though, you don’t have to give up your entire life to achieve and maintain your fitness goals. As I mentioned in an earlier blog post, it will take time to figure out a balance; strength isn’t build overnight. If you keep going; never forgetting the reason why you started in the first place, you will find a way for it to fit into your lifestyle, and it will eventually come to you very naturally.

 I’ll be honest; I love food. Love. Food. Sometimes, I grow tired of thinking about food. Sometimes, I wonder why in the hell I am living this way.  Eating this way. This way. This way. Like it’s a cult. Then I look at photos from the old me, the one who drank every night, ate whatever I wanted to, whenever I wanted to, and was never once bothered by the size of my jeans; I mean,  I was never “obese” what did it matter? But then I look at pictures now. I look at my arms and compare them to my soft, shapeless arms from years ago.  I do. I look at the cellulite on the back of my legs, and I am reminded of the work I didn’t do to get the back of my legs to become something that I would NOT hesitate to cover up.  Then.  

I still have cellulite on the back of my legs. I do. And stretch marks too. But you know what? I don’t care. I have muscle. My legs are tight and hard.  And that makes me not care. That makes me feel happy. That makes me never want to stop. I feel strong. 

 Even things like going out to eat on ‘date night’ (or with your friends) doesn’t have to end in giving into more tempting treats like fried foods, tasty desserts etc.

Let me share with you:  

Tonight was declared, ‘date night’; it was long overdue. I had already scanned the menu online for a restaurant that we could eat at without having the highpoint of our evening be one of us hovering over a public toilet, our stomach in dire straits.

 Well, no really, I knew that whatever I ate, it was going to involve a high sodium meal, but I really was just looking forward to just relaxing and not having to think too much about what I was going to eat once I got to the restaurant.  

 As far as any other choices for ‘date night’, it’s been extremely rainy weather here, so there’s not a heck of a lot of choices to do. I am so not a fan of the movie theater fan and neither is my husband. Besides, I have been busting my ass at the gym; I wanted to go out to eat. Without the kids.  But let’s not forget that what kind of food that you put in your mouth has a tremendous impact on what your body is going to look like.  So dinner was still going to be within reason. I wasn’t going out to splurge. Plain and simple, if you’re going to bust your ass in the gym or you have the desire to be fit, don’t think that you are now entitled to copious amounts of food; you want to be fit and sport a set of sexy abs; your going to have to watch what you eat. End of story.  Enjoy your food, but just don’t be that person who complains that they don’t have time to go to exercise, but when they do finally find the time to go, they do so without the intent to ever change what’s on the daily menu. You work hard all week, if you find even 15 minutes to workout, don’t “waste” it by cramming processed food and “junk” into your mouth. No. Just. No.

 I guess I have date night regularly. I mean, if you include quality gym time. And by quality time, I mean, Me. Him. Two opposite sides of the gym. Lifting weights. Not speaking to each other. Yea, so it’s extremely rare that I walk out of the house with something on other than gym attire, yoga pants, tank top, or a sweatshirt.  So, I was actually looking forward to getting dressed up to enjoy a nice hour or two alone with my husband.

 Wow. Just wow. I still came out wearing a semblance of gym/yoga pants, except the material of these pants were much more stretchy and had a much different feel.  Standing there in my heels, I just felt incredibly uncomfortable; awkward like I just put on a magician’s hat and was carrying a wand. Weird.  I own all of these 5-6 inch heels, yet I’m standing there, feeling completely out of place.  And I hadn’t even left the house yet.


 I was dressed, makeup applied, hair was dry.  I was getting extremely hungry, and since no one really likes me when that happens, I only had enough time to blow-dry my hair.  Not to mention, I was also amped up on medium sized black coffee from Dunkin Donuts that I had an hour and a half earlier.  It was time to go. 


We decided on Outback Steakhouse; or more like, I decided on Outback.  We haven’t been there in 4 years, so I was kind of excited about it. I had a delicious 6 oz Victoria Cut Filet, sweet potato with honey butter and brown sugar, (I was living a little), sauteed’ mushrooms, and asparagus.  The service was a bit slow so I didn’t get a refill on my water, which I greatly needed because those damn mushrooms were SALTY. Image

 ***I can never stress enough how important it is to drink a lot of WATER throughout the day!!! Especially if you throw a high sodium meal in the mix, drinking water will actually help prevent you from retaining that extra sodium***

 While sitting at the table, I took my shoes off and sat cross-legged (I swear, I got this from my father because he used to always sit like this at the table), and when the food came, the bracelets were just in my way, so I removed them and put them in my purse.  By now, you’re probably thinking that I should have just worn my workout clothes.  I know I was; I may have even mentioned it to my husband a few times.

I just couldn’t wait to get back into my workout clothes. Full belly and all. 

Remember, if go out to eat, you can always look over the menu online before you go.

Drink a glass of water before your meal so you aren’t tempted to eat every single thing in sight. (Especially if your friends are ordering the bulk of the fried, greasy foods.)

If you happen to guilt yourself into having “just one” treat, don’t try to rationalize by allowing yourself to just give up altogether. One small bite of a hot fudge brownie sundae is NOT the same as eating the whole entire thing. 

Do allow yourself a “treat meal” every once in awhile. Hey, I said, “Every Once in Awhile”. 

If you veer off your plan, and are heading towards the exit sign away from your goal; don’t get discouraged. Always remember that there are just as many enter signs as there are exits. 



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